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Puddles Spawn on Hamlet Crafted Turfs

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I made an account specifically for this issue.

Anyway, yeah, the title. I tested four of the crafted turfs (Lawn, Cultivated, Flat Stone, and Stone Path) in a Shipwrecked monsoon season, and they all had puddles spawn on them. Aren't the crafted turfs supposed to prevent that? All of them prevent eyeplant spawns though, so that's nice.

Thanks, Klei. Really loving Hamlet so far. Keep up the good work. Although if I've got your attention, making the viper snakeskin turf unique would be very appreciated.



Steps to Reproduce
Have Hamlet's four crafted turfs on the ground in monsoon season. Puddles will spawn on them when it starts to rain. I just turfed up a small island with a strip of each kind.

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