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Lazy Explorer allows you to teleport outside the boundaries of your house

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Like the title says, the lazy explorer allows you to teleport outside the boundaries of the slanty shanty (Image included). If you teleport to the left or right of the screen, a graphical glitch occurs where your character will stutter uncontrollably. If you go a bit further out of bounds with this, all of the structures and items in your house will despawn and you will lose the ability to teleport back in-bounds until you go closer to the houseĀ (The structures will respawn, luckily). I set my speed to 1000 and walked for a while out of bounds to see if anything interesting would happen, but nothing did. Even after setting my game to godmode, I died somehow in the void (Though I will admit it was my fault for going into the never-ending void), likely from a kill plane or something. I'm not entirely sure whether this could be considered an exploit, as I only explored one direction, but if some areas are on the same "map" as the house, a player might be able to use this to quickly go between areas. All hypothetical obviously, I'm not entirely sure how someone would go about navigating the void and finding any other stored areas, but yeah. It's a glitch (And sorry for the essay)Glitch3.thumb.jpg.2ef7f3a2100340dc54665d574f32fb3e.jpg



Steps to Reproduce
Use the lazy explorer on one of the boundaries of the slanty shanty

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