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Goldnugget Running!

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

In RoG, with HAM compatible,gold nuggets on the ground of rock turf can slide!

here are two screens with an interval of about 2 seconds.2.thumb.jpg.bd35d0c22fa8cc47b049415decf0034c.jpg1.thumb.jpg.a623e487bef1ebcb267a99808612bf20.jpg

Steps to Reproduce
start an RoG game with HAM compatible,go to the rock turf,observe the gold nuggets on the ground
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User Feedback

This happens for me too, in RoG and Shipwrecked worlds. Additionally, my character started sneezing a lot when I noticed this (seems to set it a few days after you start a new world). It seems like maybe the RoG / Shipwrecked worlds are getting the hay fever and winds from Hamlet's Lush season?

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