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Gold and other items slides across ground until end of map (RoG Bug-Hamlet Compatible)

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Items that spawn on the ground (eg. gold and sometimes seeds) and also item drops (eg. monster meat, twigs) continuously slides on ground on an RoG - Hamlet compatible map.  They reach the end and get destroyed.

Steps to Reproduce
Created a RoG game file and enabled Hamlet compatibility. Upon entering and moving towards regions where gold spawns on ground you will see it sliding across map. Occasionally you will see seeds and item drops sliding as well.
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User Feedback

I'm having this issue as well, can confirm gold, seeds and such moving across the map, specifically with a RoG - Hamlet compatible map.

Edit: I have now also confirmed non-RoG compatible worlds have this issue, but the Hamlet worlds do not.

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Updated information.

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