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getting to many guards in the big cave i had (6)

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Hamlet bug

while hiring guards to go fight the bug boss going through each of the doors with that many guards push you then while going into a door downward i got glitched into the wall and couldn't go through the door I came into again wouldn't let me. I was like on the outside of the walls but yet I still can be seen and walk around the wall sides and I just force quit my game to go back to my last saved day here's the link for the screenshot on steam


Steps to Reproduce
(steps 1 hiring 6 guards) (step 2 go to the cricket bug cave) (step 3 while going through a downward door I didn't move right when I went inside) (step 4 then when I moved I was on the outer wall of the game but still can be seen and able to walk on all side like if I was in the room)

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