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Adventure mod Divining rod's sound

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I found something weird when I playing Don't starve in adventure mod.

After i equip divining rod (radio thing to find 'thing's), after the signal sound rang out, it won't ring anymore.

Before updating hamlet early access, that sound rang like beep , beep,  beep, ...... (character says getting close or something).

But now it only sounds 'beep'. That was end, and doesn't ring anymore.

Of course, I disabled all modes, check options, check the game files(in steam option. verify integrity of game ---), tried all I can imagine to fix this happening.

I'm using Window 7  professional k -  64 bit

I don't have any files to show, but Iif you need any video files or something, contact me anytime.

Steps to Reproduce
Just find the maxwell's door(adventure portal) in game, and pick up Divining rod, run anywhere. It happened same when I play in original and ROG.

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