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crashes when auto-save a lot of times

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

usually from the many times I try to play to help describe bugs, the game goes like 26 to 31 frames / second (decreasing from 31 as I move between biomes or town), so I think this bug is caused by performance of my current computer or by optimizing the beta or by some error in the process of saving and the minimum limits of ram memory next i leave asome of my pc system info: 

processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2  Dual Core Processor 4000+ 2.10GHz

RAM memory: 3GB 

type of system: 34bits SO, 64bits processor

SO: windows 10 

Steps to Reproduce
first you need a computer with bad technical characteristics but enough to play hamlet (or at least I think), second you need the game to be noticed that is slow but it is enough to be playable, approach an area with many objects such as tall grass , bushes of sticks or in some village of pigs (keep in mind that you should notice the slowness) and wait for the auto-save to begin, and if you are lucky the first day you will have the opportunity to observe the crash, otherwise you will have to wait that happens(I havn't past the 19th day without the game crashing)

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