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World presets having no effect

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I'm having a problem with DS where if I choose a set of world presets, eg more storms, more ponds, more rocks, not all of these will then show up in the world like they used to a few months ago, which was the last time I played this way. I think it might be due to the recent update. 

I thought it might be due to a mod i have installed, but I have both disabled and unsubscribed from the mod and all other mods apart from the screecher one that comes with the game, and so far no luck.

I thought it might be that my game data has been corrupted somehow, but I have gone around the game data by uninstalling, disabling steam cloud sync, and reinstalling, to get a fresh game with no saves or anything on it, and still seeing this issue. I know that it is a fresh game because i had 2 saves before, which weren't there when I loaded up the game after doing the reinstall. 

This issue appears to happen to some of the options on the 2nd+ pages of the world preset selection screen, so for example i notice with ponds in particular i don't see many ponds if i set it to 'lots' but i do have a lot of rain if i set the storms option (on page 1) to 'lots'. Same issue with rocks and trees, very noticable when you set the preset to be 'lots'.

So it seems only some of these settings have the issue. 

Would greatly appreciate any suggestions as not really able to play the game the way i do anymore, considering just downloading it separately without steam.

Version i'm using is the latest version, the one you get on steam.

Steps to Reproduce

Open DS

Create new world

Choose from presets

Set the storms setting, and the rocks, trees & ponds setting to 'Lots'

Start playing the world

Notice only the storms/rain are noticable, there are no more rocks/trees/ponds than normal

User Feedback

An update on this, I've noticed that in the last few days there was an update for Don't Starve, so I checked this bug I've posted here to see if I am still experiencing it.

Fascinatingly, it is now partially fixed, I can see it working for berry bushes, and possibly also trees and rocks. However I tried a world with berry bushes, tallbirds and spiders set to 'lots' and I am still not seeing tallbirds and spiders working (see attached image). Note how there are loads of berry bushes but no hostile mobs nearby, I remember playing with settings like these in the past and the map was absolutely plastered with mobs everywhere, fighting each other, which is actually what I wanted when playing the game and so it's why I posted this bug here originally.

Very glad to see some work has been done on it, seems there was actually some problem in the code there. But seems there is still an issue there



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This is actually a change made in the big April update.

It's working as intended:

  • Setting resources to “More” or “Lots” in the world customization no longer spawn them outside the biome they should spawn.

Changed Status to Closed

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Ah I see, fair enough then if that is an intended change.

I can see that it is working for bees as I found a biome jam-packed full of them when I had set the bees to 'lots' and they aren't anywhere else:


I would say it seems a bit suspect to me that I can't find any similarly large concentrations of spiders or tallbirds which I've also set to lots.

Here is another world, where I just set spiders to 'lots', and look how far I had to go before i saw a single spider:


To me this means that the setting 'lots' doesn't make sense anymore, if you select 'lots' for something you wouldn't then expect it to be rare. Sure, within the biome that the spiders spawn in, there are a lot there, as you can see there are 3 spider nests in a short space there, but everywhere else it is empty, and it seems that spider biome is pretty rare. The old way where a bug allowed spiders to spawn outside the biome made more sense in my opinion. Perhaps if there was an 'everywhere' setting that did things the old way that would be good (so it would go, [none less : normal : more : lots : everywhere] )

And although it isn't my place to say, I think that change has taken something really good out of the game. Before, you could make the settings of a world very extreme by setting loads of things to 'lots' and then the world would be so fun to play, in a different sort of fun to how it normally is. It opens up new ways of playing the game because everything is so crazy, lots of mobs everywhere interacting with each other, you're forced to try out new things, and it now seems like you can't do this anymore.

But nonetheless thanks for the assistance, good to know what it causing it 

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