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Wheeler's gun crash

  • DLC VERSION - IMPORTANT!: Hamlet Pending

if you put in the pew matic horn a coconade or a an obsidian coconade that are lighted after the expression if you try to get the "croconade with 0 seconds before explosion" item it crashes the game (replacing the ammo for another one)


also the pew matic horn shount allow coconades because of her quote for the coconade “Bad news: It doesn't fit the Pew-matic. Good news: It doesn't have to.” –Wheeler






Steps to Reproduce

plays as wheeler get a coconade lighted, it put in wheeler's pew matic horn, (survive the explosion),now in the gun you will have a coconade with 0 on it if you try to put another ammo with mouse (hovering the item and then with a item clicking the left button) it clashes the game

to remove the broken coconade shoot something

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