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Water beefalo bug

  • DLC VERSION - IMPORTANT!: Shipwrecked Closed

When water beefalos are in heat, packim got too close and aggro the water beefalo, after going a few distance it de-aggro but now its not being aggressive towards me and only gets aggressive towards packim,

this is unrelated but when i killed the water beefalo in the video i chased the baby beefalo and the baby beefalo went to the medium ocean and i assumed it drowned? is this a bug or a feature?

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go near a water beefalo in heat

User Feedback

Water beefalos lose interest in their target quickly when outside their biome. But I will change it so that this happens only when it enters medium or deep sea.

About the Baby Water Beefalo, yes, that is a feature, it drowns in medium and deep water.

Changed Status to Closed

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