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Two Pigmen keep spawning next to my base

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Two random pigmen started to appear next to my base on day 10, after I kill them they respawn after a few minutes. No pig house or other obvious source.

Steps to Reproduce

They spawn around where my character is on the map. I never observed their appearance. I started the world in this play session and destroyed and killed a lot of pigmen, befriending and turning a lot of them into werepings. A full moon has also happened. I killed three of theese pigs (one spawned after I killed the first), then a few minutes later I see they are back. The nearby pig village seems to be outside of the entity range of activity.


User Feedback

That's probably the world centre where mobs initially spawn at, I suspect this bug is caused by some pig houses.

On 7/31/2023 at 10:37 PM, Haunteddoctor said:

Update, reloding the game shows an invisible Root Trunk for a frame or two where the pigs spawn


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