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Turf visual bug

  • DLC VERSION - IMPORTANT!: Shipwrecked Pending

Sometimes when i dig a turf using the pitchfork it leaves a small image of the turf that can't be removed even if you wait for a few days, exit the game or put a new turf

Screenshot (137).png

Screenshot (138).png

Steps to Reproduce

1. Dig a turf using a pitchfork

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User Feedback

Yeah, that's kinda annoying, it's been in the game a long while, outside of Shipwrecked as well. You can't fix it by digging and replacing the effected tile, but it's usually hiding in one of the nearby tiles, and digging the right one will clear it. IIRC, last time I ran into it, digging the second tile above the bugged corner fixed it, so in that screenshot, the one right above the top-left grid. Hopefully that'll work for you. If not, try other tiles.

Steps to reproduce, I don't think it can be reproduced reliably. It's just something that happens on occasion.

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