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Trap and bird trap glitch after NS update.

  • DLC VERSION - IMPORTANT!: Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked Pending

Hi, I encountered a glitch with the traps that haven’t been posted here yet. It’s on the Nintendo Switch, RoG in a world compatible with Shipwrecked. 

The traps and bird traps will set off and show the animation of the animal struggling inside. When picked up, the animal disappears and the trap has no durability loss. You don’t see an animation of the animals escaping, they just vanish. If you wait long enough you will be able to get a morsel, and then the trap will lose durability, but you cannot catch live rabbits or birds. 

Thank you for looking into it! 

Best regards,


client_log.txt donotstarvetogether_client.dmp master_server_chat_log.txt master_server_log.txt caves_server_chat_log.txt caves_server_log.txt

Steps to Reproduce

Set the traps and wait for the animal to get caught. When there is something in the trap, pick it up. The trap will be in you inventory with no durability loss and there will be no animal. 

To get the morsel, wait two days. You will be able to pick both the morsel and the trap. The trap will then have some durability loss.

User Feedback

My wife is having this issue on standard and shipwrecked (with the crabs or something).  delete-reinstall did not clear this bug.

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Also want to add, escaping to a new world does not fix the issue.


Another edit

it seems possible to pick up a live rabbit if you time it correctly. If you move on the trap, the message will change from “pick up” to “check”, but only if you are moving. If you click during the very short window while you character is moving on the trap, you can catch the animal. Did not try it with birds yet.

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This happened to me today after the update and I thought I was going crazy! Trap will capture but no durability loss and no spider… I’m 72 days in and REALLY don’t want to restart…. Ugh

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I confirmed that this traps bug is fixed in the Switch edition’s recent update 1.0.9.

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