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Torch Light Clips through different objects(ex:Berry Bush, Tent, Siesta Lean-to, Meat Effigy)

Little gamer GR
  • DLC VERSION - IMPORTANT!: Vanilla - NO DLC, Reign of Giants Pending

20240404133925_1.jpg.a673a166bf13ff80464383c148507b54.jpg20240404133836_1.jpg.fde0f47d82a95f628759bd7878c12c82.jpg20240404133833_1.jpg.f0abfb491f6dab0b9f3a6b54587e5baf.jpg20240404133827_1.jpg.011b2e7482bccea9caaa13d96108a926.jpgThe flame of the torch clips through different objects such as berry bushes, tents, siesta lean-tos, meat effigies etc.

Steps to Reproduce

Equip a torch and go behind mentioned objects.

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