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The xbox series gamepad on mac m1 does not work on Steam

Bogdan Lobanov
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I'm using MacBook Air M1 paired over bluetooth with Xbox Series Wireless Controller according to result tested on https://gamepad-tester.com/ which works fine. Steam Big picture mode works fine. I test the Don't Starve with and without steam input support. Support for xbox controllers in the steam settings were of course included.

The controller doesn't work in game. In the main menu, when I go to the Options tab and select Controls, I don't have a gamepad selection, just a keyboard and mouse.

Is there any solution?

Steps to Reproduce

1. Connect the Xbox Series game controller to the Macbook air M1
2. Launch Don't Starve and go to the main menu;
3. In the main menu, go to the "Options" tab; select "Controls".;
4. Check if you can in the upper left corner of the "Controls" screen, you can select your controller instead of the mouse and keyboard

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