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Selecting seasons length = "Failed Season"

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I'm trying to select different seasons length for SW, and when the game load, the season indicator shows "Failed" and it stays in the same spot even when days pass (the season indicator never progress)

Tried with several different combinations, and still fails.

Uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, and is still the same.

Playing on PC - Windows 10.




Also noticed that Custom preset 1 (SW) description says "Custom preset 2. Your world your ruleas! Shouldn't be custom preset 1?


Steps to Reproduce

1 - Select non-default season lengths

2 - Save as custom preset (overwrite existing one if needed)

3 - Accept changes

4 - Start game (any character)

5 - Season dial shows "Failed" text

6 - Season dial arrow never moves as days pass.

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