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Resurrect by ballphin doesn't work since all followers has been removed when player death

  • DLC VERSION - IMPORTANT!: Shipwrecked Pending

player can't be saved by ballphin since all the followers has been removed in OnDeath function in leader component

------ Player Death Event is listened by leader component -------
local function OnDeath(inst)
local Leader = Class(function(self, inst)
    self.inst = inst
    self.followers = {}
    self.numfollowers = 0

	--self.loyaltyeffectiveness = nil

    inst:ListenForEvent("newcombattarget", OnNewCombatTarget)
    inst:ListenForEvent("attacked", OnAttacked)
    inst:ListenForEvent("death", OnDeath)

    self._onfollowerdied = function(follower)    self:RemoveFollower(follower)       end
    self._onfollowerremoved = function(follower) self:RemoveFollower(follower, true) end

--------------Player Death Event is also listened by gamelogic.lua Line 351----------
wilson:ListenForEvent( "death", function(inst, data) OnPlayerDeath(wilson, data) end)

-- and finally call function Resurrectable:CanResurrect(cause)--
function Resurrectable:CanResurrect(cause)
	self.resurrectionmethod = nil 

	if cause == "drowning" then 

		-- You are amphibious
		if self.cantdrown then
			self.resurrectionmethod = "amphibious"
			return true 

		-- Ressurection Buddies
		if(self.inst.components.leader ~= nil) then
      ----- when reach here, all follower has been removed because of the OnDeath in leader component --------
			for k,v in pairs(self.inst.components.leader.followers) do 
				if k:HasTag("ballphin") and k:IsNear(self.inst, 32) then
					if math.random() < TUNING.BALLPHIN_DROWN_RESCUE_CHANCE then	
						self.resurrectionmethod = "ballphins"
						return true


Steps to Reproduce

As Above

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