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No option to turn sprinkler on when playing Wheeler on Steam Deck

  • DLC VERSION - IMPORTANT!: Hamlet Pending

The default button to turn on the sprinkler is B on the Steam Deck (and I imagine this also applies to anyone using a controller to play). Wheeler's dodge action is also B, and overrides the sprinkler action, so I can't turn on my sprinkler.

This was reproduced on a Steam Deck with all mods disabled.

Screenshot (246).png

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a new game playing Wheeler in Hamlet
  2. Use console commands to spawn in enough items to create a science station, alchemy engine, and sprinkler
  3. Craft and place sprinkler, fuel sprinkler

Expected result: Highlighting sprinkler gives the tooltip naming which control turns on sprinkler OR pressing B turns on sprinkler

Actual result: Highlighting sprinkler still tells the user B is the dodge action, and pressing B only performs the dodge action. There is no option to turn on the sprinkler.

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