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Multiple bugs with Pocket Edition+.

  • DLC VERSION - IMPORTANT!: Reign of Giants Pending

I have encountered several bugs that keep happening repeatedly in the Pocket Edition+ in arcade. These all seem to happen randomly and so far I have found no way to fix them other than completely deleting the app and downloading it again. The issue are listed below.

-Map not allowing you to zoom in or out when pulled up.

-Inability to drop items or place traps. Interaction with items in inventory not working.

-Holding the action button does not speed up action like normal. For example when chopping a tree or mining rocks normally you can hold down and it will rapidly take action until you have resources. When it bugs if you hold down it goes really slow and performs a single action at a time making the process way more slow. 

Steps to Reproduce

These bugs seem to happen randomly. So far I have not went back and tried just the normal Pocket Edition. I don’t know if these bugs are just specific to the Pocket Edition+ but they seem to happen frequently and it’s very annoying to have to delete and reinstall the app constantly. 

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