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Mandrake not spawning

  • DLC VERSION - IMPORTANT!: Vanilla - NO DLC, Reign of Giants Can't Reproduce

PC version of Reign of Giants, recently updated from GOG source.


Mandrakes are not spawning anywhere in world, regardless of setting.  This started after update (before update mandrakes set to lots would spawn all over world regardless of biome).


Please let me know what I can do to fix this issue, thanks.

Steps to Reproduce

Download GoG version of Don't Starve with DLCs.  

Install.  Rev 554439.

Run game (I have used Reign of Giants).  

User Feedback

Mandrakes are not guaranteed in world generation. I was able to find some of them on some recently generated worlds.

Setting things to more or lots no longer spawn across the world, now the quantity of them increases in locations that they would usually spawn.
Therefore, there is a chance that no mandrakes will be generated, even though they are set to more or lots.

Changed Status to Can't Reproduce

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