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Hamlet Xbox World NOT LOADING

Krystoz Sarkyz
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So i just bought the game for xbox, been 53 days in my hamlet world, i was getting back home from resetting the Aporkalypse clock, the game autosaved a few steps near my Slanty Shanty, i entered afterwards and then i saved and quitted from the pause menu, now every time i want to LOAD IT BACK im stuck for 10 seconds on the LOADING screen and the game closes and throws me back in to the XBOX DASHBOARD, OTHER WORLDS in RoG or SW and even Hamlet can load with no issues, pls help! I was loving my world ive never got it so far. 


I know this issupposed to be on the Hamlet thread, but im not able to post on it i just made this account. 

Steps to Reproduce

I was on Humid season, day 53 playing as Wheeler, i just moved the Aporkalypse Calendar to prevent it to happen, i got back to the main island, went to pickup some grass nearby Swinesbury town and a few steps close to my Slanty Shanty the game autosaved, then i got inside home and then i saved and quit from the pause menu, when i try load it back the game just stays on loading for around 10 seconds and then crashes and i got back at the XBO DASHBOARD

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