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Game won't launch, but it used to. Tried every troubleshooting option.

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Hello, my game won't launch at all. When I try to launch, it opens a black windowed screen for a second or two and then crashes. I will include a few MDMP crash logs. Not just one because they are all launching with different options (like running in admin mode) so maybe that can give more info i'm not sure. Dxdiag and log files are also included.

dontstarve_steam_573338_crash_2023_9_29T21_43_49C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_573338_crash_2023_9_29T21_44_19C0.mdmp dontstarve_steam_573338_crash_2023_9_29T21_49_2C0.mdmp

Steps to Reproduce

Steps to reproduce are launching the game..

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