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Game hard quits (maybe crashes?) on save and quit

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I honestly didn't notice this for a while since some games just have a quit-to-desktop functionality anyway, but when I save-and-quit, the game quits to menu without going to the main menu.

I play on linux (debian 12) via steam, I can provide hardware information if I need to. I've already tried verifying the files, this didn't fix the issue.

Checking the log file (barring all the FMOD errors which I've already made a report on), there's several hundred instances of "Could not unload undefined prefab" followed by what I presume are the memory address and in-code name of said prefab. Other than that, I'm not seeing what could be causing the crash? It might be related to the FMOD issue, but I figured I'd post this just in case it isn't. It isn't game breaking or anything, just mildly irritating. I noticed this happening when I was playing on my RoG world, but after testing it applies to all worlds with the same ending.

Steps to Reproduce

On my machine, I can reproduce this by opening any given save file, then going to the menu and selecting 'save and quit' then 'i said quit!'. The game displays a static loading screen briefly, then the window closes without any further change.

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