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Crashes / does build animation but shows or builds nothing, wasting resources instead (Hamlet - Slanty Shanty interior)

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Hello. I need some help about a bug, if it is a bug. When I place a column in the interior of the shanty, it does the building animation but the character says "I can't do that", yet it loses the resources and the crafted tab. When I place a door, the animation happens although I think the placement is restricted for some reason, I still tried to place the door, and the game crashed. I removed the interior decor with a hammer and it still crashed. I also removed items inside, in case that the items placed inside restricts the placement of the door, but it also crashed. I removed some mods that handle geometric placements in hamlet such as Geometric Hamlet+, Drop on Grid, City Planning Placement, Realistic Placement and Better Interior Building, but it still either crashes or does the animation, but there will be no door showing. I also tried replicating each action in a new save, it still crashes or does the animation without the door/column showing.

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It kinda works now, the door will not show at first, but will be there after leaving the saved world and entering back. I enabled the mods I disabled before. 

Steps to Reproduce

Build a slanty shanty. Place a door inside, door doesn't show or the game crashes, hammer interior decor/put and remove items, still persists. Place a column to replace the wood column inside, character says "I can't do that", yet the animation happens as well as the used resources.


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Place a door inside, door doesn't show but the animation happens, it will only show after leaving the world and entering back

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