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Countless bugs on Xbox including a really damning one

Dr. Premarital
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When the word "xbox" is uttered to a klei dev, they'll shrink up and turn to dust; it's like garlic to them. I don't understand the resentment these asses have for their xbox port of all their goddamn games but that's beside the point. There's an awful bug that's seemingly been around for a few years maybe?? How?? 
It's a bug where the seasons are completely disorganized or outright disabled. I noticed this on a shipwrecked game and dry season started on day 31, I think it missed monsoon but insanity makes it pretty hard to differentiate. Initially I thought I messed up the world gen and restarted, but it happened again on day 31, maybe skipping monsoon.

I've done a bit of research and others claim this happens when entering a shard (i.e. caves, volcano) as stated before it's been reported 2 years ago.

I seriously don't get it.


Steps to Reproduce

You really expect me to think this'll be fixed? These guys wished upon the monkey's paw for DST to have more traction (on steam, obviously) and caused the other ports to hit the fan. I guess it worked.

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