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Cannot resume server in 64bit DST

  • DLC VERSION - IMPORTANT!: Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked Closed

When I run the game in 64 bit mode, I can create Forest only servers but cannot resume them. The game gets stuck at the "Launching Server" dialog box with the loading dots at the bottom cycling forever. If I hit the cancel button, the dots stop animating and the whole game becomes unresponsive. I can't create OR resume servers that contain caves (gets stuck at the same dialogue box). 

I can create and resume servers while running 32bit DST with or without caves. I can also use the 32 bit exe to resume servers that were made with (and cannot be resumed by) the 64bit exe.

I am running windows 10 with a Ryzen 5, 32GB of RAM and a GTX 3070.

Things I've tried:

  • Uninstall all mods from Workshop and delete all mod files from "Don't Starve" and "Don't Starve Together" on steam/common/..
  • Verify game files via steam
  • Uninstall/reinstall entirely
  • Run the 64bit exe directly using elevated permissions ("Run as administrator")
  • Added exceptions for the exe to Windows Defender (that is my only antivirus)
  • Disabled Windows Firewall entirely
  • Ran the exe in compatibility mode for Windows 8 and Windows 7

The server logs look unremarkable to me, but the client_log.txt might be interesting. It always ends with this set lines repeated 10 times:

[00:00:24]: [Workshop] ModQuery got 0 results
[00:00:24]: [Workshop] ItemQuery finished all queries, moving to download phase
[00:00:24]: [Workshop] ItemQuery finished downloading everything
[00:00:25]: [Workshop] ItemQuery got this many results: 0, matching: 0

And then ~48 lines with messages about [IPC] with the final four being:

[00:00:29]: [IPC] Signal 'DST_Secondary_Kill' created  #0000000000000F04
[00:00:29]: [IPC] Clearing pending signals #0000000000000F04...
[00:00:29]: [IPC] Signal 'DST_Secondary_ShutdownNoSave' created  #0000000000000F08
[00:00:29]: [IPC] Clearing pending signals #0000000000000F08...

I've attached the server and client logs

caves_server_log-serverWithCaves-noLaunch.txt client_log-serverWithCaves-noLaunch.txt master_server_log-serverWithCaves-noLaunch.txt


Steps to Reproduce
  • Run dontstarve_steam_x64.exe directly or run 64bit version from steam
  • Host server
  • Create server without caves
  • Server launches and starts
  • Quit server, go to Host game and attempt to resume world
  • Game hangs at "Launching server" dialog


  • Run dontstarve_steam_x64.exe directly or run 64bit version from steam
  • Host server
  • Create server with caves
  • Game hangs at "Launching server" dialog

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