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Caged birds have a pirate hat with the RoG DLC

Pingy Boy
  • DLC VERSION - IMPORTANT!: Reign of Giants Pending

Birds have a pirate hat when in a cage, this occur only when playing in a RoG world with no compatibility with SW or Hamlet.
The version of my game is REV. 554439
I have all the DLC on, but the world where the problem occur is only in pure RoG no compatibility.

This is due to the inst."AnimState:Hide("HAT")" line missing in the DLC0001(RoG)/scripts/prefab/birdcage.lua file.
Idk if it's intended or not but, it's weird that the hat only show up in the RoG DLC.


Steps to Reproduce

1 - Launch a new RoG world with no Hamlet or Shipwreck compatibility
2 - Create a birdcage
3 - Capture a bird
4 - Put the bird in the birdcage

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