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Bush hat and Snurtle shell "hide" mechanic doesn't work sometimes

Android User
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Usually, before a hound attack, I will equip the bush hat and hide near some Beefalo so the hounds attack them instead of me, usually resulting in the Beefalo winning. However, when I click the "use" button on my Bush hat, the character just plays the equip/unequip animation and doesn't actually hide using the hat. It's the same with the Snurtle shell. I've tried equipping and unequipping hand-held items, backpacks, and helmets (if I'm using the Snurtle shell) but it rarely ever works. I also move away from obstacles and building, but the character almost never

 actually hides in the hat/shell.

Game Version # 1.19.15

Galaxy S10

Model number: SM-G973U

OS Version number: 12

Steps to Reproduce

Load in with Bush hat equipped and sometimes using it actually works. I have never seen the Snurtle Shell work

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