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Ballphin Palaces don't spawn ballphins/behave weirdly

  • DLC VERSION - IMPORTANT!: Shipwrecked Pending

Game version: https://steamcommunity.com/games/219740/announcements/detail/3725082859194767734 (link to announcement post because the update doesn't have an actual name or version number)

Ballphin palaces placed by the player, or generated as part of set pieces appear to not function correctly. Even if they contain a ballphin, they will behave as if they don't. Their lights will not be on at dusk/night, and a ballphin cannot be found near them during the day. If a player stays by a palace (keeping it loaded) throughout the night until morning, the ballphin will leave it's palace like normal, playing the sound effect of the lights turning off and the ballphin will come out.

However, if it's the middle of the day or dusk/night, the palace will behave as if it's empty and no ballphin can be found near it and it's lights will not turn on.

I only use 2 mods, both of which only effect the UI so they shouldn't be causing this:

In the below screenshot of my world, the palace circled in green was randomly generated and seemingly functions normally. The palace circled in red was crafted and placed and does not function correctly.


This screenshot has both palaces that I placed, and one that spawned with the wooden thing in a set piece. Both function incorrectly.


Steps to Reproduce
  • Craft and place a Ballphin Palace and move out of load range
  • Wait several days for it to generate a ballphin
  • Visit it in the middle of the day, no ballphin can be found by it even though it contains one. Visiting it at dusk and night will not have it's lights be on either.

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