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Ballphin Houses...

  • DLC VERSION - IMPORTANT!: Shipwrecked Pending

They way Ballphin Houses function in DS is just one big giant "bug"

1. Each empty Ballphin Palace respawns a Bottlenose Ballphin every 4 days. However, a Ballphin Palace can hold an infinite amount of Ballphins; The Palace Ballphins return to at dusk is determined by the creator of the ballphin herd (the first Ballphin in the herd). Since Ballphins will group together in herds of 12 and start living in the same Palace this usually results in most of the Ballphin Palaces being empty so they start respawning. Ballphins that live in Palaces cannot reproduce normally via mating in mild as the herd is deleted when all its members enter the Palace so there only means of reproduction is through an empty Palace respawning them.

2. Also since they only light up when a ballphin enters them they will not be lit up untill the next day if the player first loads them in at night

Steps to Reproduce

1: Just spawn a Ballphin House, they are one giant bug -_- I genuinely don't know what else to say here

2: Go to a Ballphin House that you haven't loaded in yet at night

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