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WX-78 water inconsistencies

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Over the two years I've been playing WX-78, I noticed some outdated problems with him. When WX-78 gets wet from sources that are not rain or drowning, he doesn't not take damage even though he is wet. Wearing fashion melon and ice cube doesn't make him take damage even though he is getting covered in water. Water balloon doesn't cause him to short circuit either. Getting hit by waves and incorrectly using any oar also doesn't trigger WX-78 to short circuit.

The problem is that when WX-78 was added, wetness meter wasn't even a thing, and he would only short circuit when it detected it was raining. This mechanic is still carried into DST today. The way you could fix it is that you make it so he automatically short circuits when the game detects that his water meter is active.

Steps to Reproduce

Wear fashion melon, ice cube, have ice cube or ice melt in your inventory, incorrectly using any oar, getting hit by waves, and getting splashed by a water balloon as WX-78.

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