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World with caves crash

Nico Grais
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World with caves and any server mod enabled crashes in random time without any error. Game just close.
If caves are disabled but all mods are in use or caves are enabled without server mods - game works without any problems.
Also, i suposed, if you were palyed it already server crashes more often in a few seconds after it starts.
Could you please help?

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create new world with caves
2. Enable any server mod (In my case any of these: Automatic Health Adjust, Display food values, Epic Healthbar, Global Positions, Show Me (Origin), Smart Minisigns, etc)
3. Start the world
4. Get error in random time.

User Feedback

I don't even enable any mods, I just try to create a world, get no error message, the game simply closes.

when I go back, the world has been created, as I can technically just resume, but when I do, the game closes again.

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