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World Seed Generation

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I'm trying to generate worlds using seeds and I'm encountering behavior that I'm unsure if it is a bug or intended now as I haven't played in awhile. I unpack the scripts zip (new since I have played) and get all of that set up right and I do the necessary edits to the worldgen file to input a seed.

Loading the world with the seed is always successful however the terrain is always different. I can confirm it is always the same seed every time. The world will have all of the same set pieces/objects however where they are seems to be randomized every time along with the world layout. For example, if the seed has juicy berries, a reed trap, and 10 hound mounds it will have those every time, but besides that the actual shape of the map and where the branches connect will be different. This actually makes it easier to fish for a "perfect" map setup for your goals but makes it very hard to share them with friends, which is my interest.

I seem to remember last time I played using the seeds would always give the same exact layouts. So again, is this a bug or intended behavior now?

Steps to Reproduce
Generate any world with a seed. Reveal the map. Regenerate the world to remake it. The seed will be the same but the layout will be different every time.

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