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World Names Mixed Up

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This morning I loaded up my world "The Elf Bog" and instead the shared world "Cheesy Goodness" loaded in, instead. I exited, and tried again, and it worked fine.

After playing in Elf Bog for a time, I died, and decided to get rid of that world. I backed out, and carefully deleted all worlds except "Cheesy Goodness". They all had very distinct names, as you might be able to tell.

I am 100% certain, the only world remaining was Cheesy Goodness.

When I logged in again later in the day, only one world remained; "the Elf Bog"; The primary target for deletion.

Now I've lost the world myself and my partner were doing so well in. We were on track to survive our first winter ever as a team.


Steps to Reproduce

Dunno. Load the game, try to load a world, have it load the wrong world?

Try to delete a world you hate, have Klei's trash game delete the world you love?

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