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World File Suddenly Disappeared

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My friend and I had a world file that we spend 175+ days on, and I suddenly disappeared the other day, and we have no idea what happened to it. I posted a screenshot from a Reddit Post I made that describes my issue in greater detail.Untitled481_20201030160717.thumb.png.a7dd0f7501b511f576456b8f79400ec8.png

Steps to Reproduce

I had made a new server to play on publicly, but I deleted the world because I wanted to change the world settings, and I forgot to. I didn't know if the world files I lost were there before it happened, but I checked and didn't see them. I only deleted one file. (See Screenshot Above for Details)

User Feedback

I just had something similar happen, started a new world, played for an hour and a half and then stopped. It was still in my server list when I went to do some stuff in another server. Quit the game, came back, and the new save is gone. Tried verifying my game files and restarted but it didn't work.

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