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World cluster files deleting themselves after launching another world

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I've posted about this a few days ago, but whenever I quit a world to open another one, the world cluster file deletes itself.

After some time, I've noticed that every single world that has disappeared includes the mods Global Positions, Show Me, and No Thermal Stone Durability. All worlds also have caves in them, but that's only because I enabled caves specifically on every world.

I also made a backup of a recent world that was deleted, and provided the server log and cluster files. Is there a fix to this that doesn't involve turning these mods off?



Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a world with these mods and caves

2. Make character, leave world

3. Launch another world that you made

4. Exit world, previous world should be gone

User Feedback

3 hours ago, zarklord_klei said:

What client mods are you using?

- Nightmare HUD
- Finder

- Geometric Placement

- Gesture Wheel

- Boss Indicators

- Combined Status

- Crafting Visibility

- Craft Pot

- DST HD Item Icons

- No Winter and Summer Sound Filter

- Remove Insanity Vision

- Show Range

- Stat Change Display

- Too Many Items Plus

- Wormhole Icons (fixed)

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12 hours ago, zarklord_klei said:

Could you zip up your entire DoNotStarveTogether save folder and send it to me in DMs?


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