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With the new cave update, Pengulls crash the game.

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Title. Pengulls crash the game at the start of winter shortly after arriving, the world will not get past even a day before crashing once pengulls have spawned. We have created 2 other worlds to test this and it has happened consistently. We have been able to prolong the server by simply avoiding the edges of the map as to not spawn pengulls, but the moment they do show up the server crashes within minutes. We don't have many mods but we will attempt without mods another day to see if it only with a specific mods, but after 3 worlds of 20-22 days each we are currently done for the day.

Edit: To be more specific the server crashes. Not the game itself.

Steps to Reproduce
Cave Update + Pengull Spawning = Crash. Mods: Global Player Icons, Health info, Ice Fling Range Check, Unbreakable Thermal Stones, Wall Gates, Wormhole Marks

User Feedback

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Could you please post server_log.txt after the crash? It could help diagnose what went wrong.

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