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[Windows 10] Fullscreen only makes borderless window!

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Hi guys!

Searched all over the net, can't seem to find anyone with a similar problem, so my best shot of solving this problem was making a new post on this forum.

Switching from windowed to fullscreen only grants me a slightly bigger window without borders. Right part and lower part of the screen still displays my desktop. I've tried different resolutions but that didn't give me a different outcome either. I tried compatibility modes on the executable too, but that didn't help either. I even tried out the socalled "fullscreen fix for Windows XP users", by altering the settings.ini, manually without any positive results. I'm out of ideas guys. How can I fix this?

Hardware shouldn't be an issue. I'm running it on a Alienware laptop with Nvidia Geforce GTX 980M, Intel Core i7-6820HK @ 2.70GHz and 16GB RAM.

Really hoping someone can help, and I appreciate any efforts in trying to do so!

Steps to Reproduce
I merely tried/I am merely trying to change from windowed to fullscreen in settings, nothing else.

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