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Wild Rifts still spawning despite both settings set to None

Scrub  Lord
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Despite setting wild rift spawn to off, and wild rift frequency to disabled, a wild rift still spawned. For a while after i changed the setting there were no wild rifts, however when i went into the caves and returned to the surface around 13 days later i saw on the map that a rift had formed and sent deadly brightshades to my base.

Please fix the issue to completely prevent wild rift spawns when one or both settings are disabled

For reference, in this world i have not yet defeated celestial champion, but i did enable rifts. I've since disabled both rift settings for around a half in game year when this issue arose.

Steps to Reproduce

Unsure if this can be consistently reproduced.

Enable rifts prior to defeating celestial champion

Disable rifts sometime after (i had them active for around 2 default in game years) I destroyed any remaining rifts before disabling the settings

roughly half a default in game year has passed

Entered the caves for roughly 13 days

Resurfaced, found deadly brightshades in base and a rift icon on the map

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