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Wandy's ghost which equiped alarming clock been attacked by the great gestalt in lunar grotto

dish-order man
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it's known that if Wandy equiped alarming clock, she will be attacked by the great gestalt in lunar grotto.

However, when Wanda is killed in this state, her ghost remain the tag "shadow_item"  because of her characteristic that watch will not fall on the ground, which will lead to her ghost being attacked by the great gestalt shown as the GIF below.

After attacking Wanda's ghost, these great gestalts will not disappear, but continue to attack, which eventually leads to the gathering of a large number of gestalt.(in the picture below, i gather 8 great gestalts in total)


Then a large number of shadow creatures gather around nearby teammates.

I think the target of geart gestalt should not contain "playerghost".

Steps to Reproduce

1.play Wanda

2.make a alarming clock and hold it on your hand, being killed by the great gestalt in the lunar grotto.

3.the ghost of Wanda will be attacked by the great gestalt.

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