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Wanda's rift watch causing others to crash and can't rejoin on a dedicated server (still not fixed 11/11)

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    On a dedicated server, three of us (2 Wandas 1 Wolfgang) were at the dragonfly desert, jumped through a rift watch to a cave base, but the wolfgang crashed and couldn't rejoin the server. After a while the other Wanda left the game to avoid a depth worm attack, but couldn't rejoin the server. I kept seeing *someone* left the game as she was trying to rejoin but failed, never saw *someone* joined the game however.

  However when I (Wanda) left the server to see if I can rejoin, I can join normally.  After we restarted the dedicated server, she could rejoin the game, but the depth worms still spawned which should've been avoided if I'm not wrong.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Run a dedicated server

2. Have 2 Wandas 1 Wolfgang on the surface with a rift watch linked to somewhere in the caves

3. 1 Wanda use the rift watch, 3 all hop in

4. If the bug repeats itself the Wolfgang should crash and the 2 Wandas should arrive at the cave

5. One Wanda leave the game, and if the bug repeats itself she shouldn't be able to join

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