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[VERY CRITICAL] All of my worlds just deleted for no reason

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All of my worlds(About 3 in total, around 40-50 days each) just deleted, and all my curios have the "new" tag(It's also worth mentioning that all my skin presets were removed and I had to redo them and reselect my vignettes). I didn't press delete on any of the worlds and I didn't mess around with my account, the items thing leads me to think that maybe it's on steam's end but I'm far from an expert. I do have a few mods but all of which had access to the skin and or worlds I used basically since I started playing and are very high reviewed and popular. I didn't lose much but this could be devastating for people with megabases and those who stream Don’t Starve Together for money. I'll probably save to the steam cloud from now on, lesson learned.

I couldn't find how to share MDMP but I did find a backup file and some other steam stuff, so any devs who need more info I will try. 


Steps to Reproduce

I just opened the world and this happened, I'm happy to give all the files I can but unfortunately I don't know what exactly caused this. Here are the mods I had enabled that may have caused this.


I'll list all the server mods and mods that deal with the skins and such here, and a very brief description.

Enabled Server Mods

Default dance server- Adds the default dance emote from Fortnite

Epic Health Bar- Gives health bars to giants

Force biomes- A mod that makes things like triple mactusks able to be turned on and off(I've been using this for a long time with no problems at all)

Health Info- Gives a health amount of the enemy under your cursor 

More map icons- Gives things like mushrooms

Setpeice Config Revisited- Makes things like dev graveyards able to be turned on or off in generation(Been using for a long time no problems)

Client Mods With Access To Skins 

Skin Queue- Just QOL stuff for weaving or unweaving

Skins Extender- Opens presents when not near a science machine

If you have any questions I am happy to answer. I have a different question for any devs, is it fine if I play some Don’t Starve Together or should I wait until this is fixed?

User Feedback

I hope my very large edit helped. I kinda had a full on mental breakdown when writing it originally. Please give any advice or if any devs have sen this please comment or something so I know this has been seen, just something so I know that this is trying to be solved. Have a nice day!

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