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Version Mismatch on localhost

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Unable to connect to dedicated server on local host.

I am launching the server using a .bat file that updates using steamCMD before launching the master and caves servers. When trying to connect with 'c_connect("", <master_port>, "<password>")' I get the above error. (Port and password removed for security)

I play every year with my friends, and this has not been an issue in previous years. They were able to connect fine using the server browser, but I am unable to.

DST Dedicated Server install validation:



This was attempted on a fresh install of Windows 10 on VMWare, fresh install of steamCMD with DST Dedicated Server, fresh install of steam and DST and I receive the same error.

Steps to Reproduce

Creating the server with exact steps on with a fresh install of steamCMD and DST Dedicated server:

Once server is launched, attempt to connect to local host with: c_connect("", <master_port>, "<password>")

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