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Twitch drops, got the wromg ones.

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I missed the previous (umbrella) twitch drop. From watching twitch today and yesterday I have gotten a total of 4 drops, icon/portrait from the wayfinder set and icon/portrait from the umbrella set. Have not got the craftable item from any of the sets and I have now let the tab idle for 9 hours since the last drop and still nothing.



I now have the Wayfinder crafteble, but on twitch I still only have 19 drops. I have participated in the first 5, adding up to 15 in total, now have all wayfinder items and 2 of the umbrella which would add up to 20 not 19 so it still doesnt add up.

Steps to Reproduce
Watched twitch streams. Got 4 items. 2 where from the previous drop round(umbrella). 2 where from this weeks drops (wayfinder). Idled 9 hours since last drop.

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