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Trimmed edges when fullscreened

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Whenever the game has fullscreen enabled, the edges of the game display are trimmed off. I play on controller, so for me this means that the bottom half of my inventory, my health and the entire vertical crafting bar are unseeable. I have a very large display running at a resolution of 3840x2160. I am nearly blind, so the sheer size of the display's resolution is a consequence of owning a very large TV, so I can see and play games. I tried to screenshot this issue, but the screenshot displays the game as it should be seen, and not how it is displaying on my TV.

I tried lowering the resolution to 1920x1080, what I play all my other games on, but unfortunately with how DST operates its fullscreen that leaves me with a small window in the upper left corner of the screen, scaled down and making it unseeable to me, personally (shown in the attached screenshot). I haven't yet found a way to increase the size of the fullscreen enabled game without increasing the resolution, nor found a resolution that allows me to see the entire game-screen.

In more detail, DST in the present day runs its fullscreen in what a lot of people know to be "Boarderless-windowed mode" meaning that the game is running overtop the desktop, naturally, sharing the desktop's resolution.  If my memory serves me well, DST used to run its fullscreen in a more dedicated and traditional fashion, rendering only the game and allowing users to adjust resolutions and UI scaling accordingly.

I'm not an expert, but my guess is that if the current fullscreen cannot be updated to allow for better custom scaling and custom, smaller resolutions on larger displays, having a dedicated fullscreen mode as an option would fix this problem for me and any others that might have encountered it.


Steps to Reproduce
1: Have a large monitor and run your computer on the monitor's native resolution (eg. 3840x2160) 2: Run DST in fullscreen and lower the resolution (eg. 1920x1080)

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