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treasure map icons missing

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When a treasure location is shown after reading a message in a bottle, the locations shown have no revealed map area or treasure icons. This happened 2/3 times in the time I've been sailing today. The icons and revealed map section did appear on the map when I manually looked just now, but were blank at first and seemed to be showing random blank spaces on the map

Steps to Reproduce

I've been playing as wurt, I've done a few of pearl's tasks, but not many. her house isn't built yet either. It's a large sized world, it's my own hosted world. I've never experienced this before the update...although I do have mods enabled on my world

User Feedback

....could have been also that the map being shown was in the wrong place? maybe that was why I wasn't able to see the icons... one of the icons was under pearls island, but the map simply showed me pearl's island instead of the marked area

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