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Toadstool when subjected to a far longer distance

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This basically removes the difficulty spike in fighting the Toadstool of both versions. If you subject the Toadstool into a far longer distance than what it supposed to wander the AI for the Toadstool subjects itself to move and go back as its first priority giving you free hits. With a lureplant there's no way for the Toadstool to go back and you can kill it without any worry.

This is a screenshot on how this works




Here's the video link: 



Steps to Reproduce

Step 1: Wake up the Toadstool and lead it up until it stops, signifying the maximum distance.

Step 2: Use an ice staff to freeze it. Move the Toadstool while still keeping her frozen by blasting her with an ice staff.

Step 3: Upon reaching the distance where it normally shouldn't be, place some lureplants that will act as a barrier



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