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There is no response after logging in, but click offline to enter

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Before going offline yesterday, I entered someone else's server and directly shut down the game after playing for a while. I can't get into the game when I surf the Internet today. Click games to show that I'm signing in. After waiting for a while, I'll get stuck. It's no use waiting for a long time. However, if I click offline mode while waiting, I can enter the offline main menu. Who can tell me what the problem is? thank you

These two images are the unresponsive image and the image of clicking offline mode before unresponsive. In addition, I set you to choose automatic login in the game




I tried to restart and reload the game, but they didn't work

Steps to Reproduce

Turn on the steam, click on the game and start the game


I can't find it. MDMP file

User Feedback

Solved. After I entered the offline mode, I closed all MODS and successfully logged in. Then I opened the local mod I used again and successfully logged in

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