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The game crashes because of mods, and they are not displayed properly

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I've just bought DST in Steam, and tried to play with my friends, which are playing with 5 mods on a server, which mostly just changes the minimap. However, when I tried to connect to the server, it was either saying that "mods are out of date. ask host to update them", when I know that they are update and everyone else is able to join, or just simply crashed my game when I pressed "join". I tried to download those mods first, but they caused the game to crush already in a main menu, after logging in process. There were 2 mods, which weren't crashing my game when I downloaded them, but when I tried to host my own server with them, they simply were not working and were shown as "workshop-[bunch of numbers]", without any mini-pictures (don't know how it's called)

I've tried to resub to the mods, redownload the game, check files damage from steam, but nothing helped

I've seen the problem when mods are displayed in the same way in other bug reports, but none of them were causing a crash. I am asking to help to play with my friends. I can provide any video or photo support of the problem, just tell me which ones are necessary 

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