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texture/graphic issues

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i don't have any pictures but i was playing as Wanda and at random textures for her head and other items and props like the beebox and straightup messed up or see-thru or gone. things in the inventory were also missing textures or see-thru. and in the side bar and boxes. in the bug tracker area i saw a thing about SQUIDS disappearing and i believe it is probably the same issues. also when i went to log out the "charlie will miss you" message was missing the graphics for the leave or stay options BUT i could still click them if i knew where it was located. it only was invisible. sorry about the lack of pics but my shitty windows 7 pro pc don't do screen captures so words are all you get. BY THE WAY IT WAS FINE YESTERDAY BUT AS OF 10/10/2021 IT WAS MESSED UP.

Steps to Reproduce

i just loaded my world and the issues started happening. no steps needed. just play and see crap messed up.

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